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Building a Quality Resume


Ready to write a kick-ass resume? Learn about current trends, content, formatting, and pro tips that will make your resume stand out from the competition. Your resume is your first impression; let's make it a great one! WHAT YOU'LL GET: • Step-by-step video tutorials with detailed explanations • Video demonstration on formatting with Microsoft Word • 10+ page course workbook with worksheets to help you practice & reflect • In-depth explanation on how to tailor your resume and how to write action statements • Tips on what NOT to include in your resume • Information about ATS software • Downloadable template for a Reference sheet + tips on when/how to submit your references • An additional tips section describing how to address resume gaps and promotions COURSE OBJECTIVES: • Learn about required and optional content to include in your resume • Learn about critical formatting strategies that will make your resume stand out • Reflect on your own skills and identify gaps in your skillset • Understand how to highlight your skills in an effective, action-oriented format • Learn how resumes are reviewed by recruiters and how to effectively tailor your resume to each job • Gain access to free course workbook with tips and activities to help you build your resume





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“Change is the end result of all true learning”

― Leo Buscaglia

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