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Success Stories

I was accepted into the graduate school of my choice, and am now happily attending! Without the advice given by Armine and CareerRise, I fear that my CV would have left out valuable information that ultimately made me stand out as an applicant. My personal statement was also reviewed and adjusted accordingly. Armine helped me put my thoughts into straightforward words, and advised me to remove information that did not necessarily have value in the application process. I'm forever grateful, and would recommend CareerRise to anyone looking for professional review!

My experience with CareeRise was great. The consultant was amazing to deal with. She helped me to improve my resume and personal statement. She was very professional and punctual. For two years, I tried to apply with my old resume and personal statement, but did not have any luck. A friend of mine finally referred me to CareeRise. Once I submitted my new resume and personal statement, I got accepted. I would highly recommend CareeRise for building your portfolio.

For a while, I had a hard time getting interviews because of my poorly structured resume and limited research done in my field of study. The CareeRise consultant advised me not only on how to improve my resume and create a company specific cover letter, but also on how to do research and analysis of the company and the specific position I am applying for. This helped me to understand where I stand with my experience and take more effective steps toward my goal and career.

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